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Why Professional Mentoring?

Interested In Having a Mentor to Guide You?

Our practice strives to lead Dietetics and it's professionals into the forefront of wellness and healthcare. Health is finally shifting from acute care to preventive action, and we feel Dietitians are trained to take the lead in this initiative.

With our training in motivational interviewing and lifestyle modification, we are the perfect professional to work with clients and create lasting change.

For us to drive change in both quality and quantity of life, we need the freedom of practice. The Biomedical Model of care is too short sighted and fast paced. At Case Specific Nutrition™ we are confident the Dietitian Private Practice model is the solution. The freedom to create services and the time management to utilize our skillset only exists in a more personal model of care.

We call on Dietetic Professionals to join us in the Private Practice Model of Care! We are here to help, and are creating services to help you start your own Private Practice.

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Next Steps

Professional Mentoring Options & Resources

Do you have a vision for your business or practice and want a mentor with experience to provide insights, ideas and connections, as well as collaborate with you on the most efficient path forward? Andrew Wade is the Owner of Case Specific Nutrition©, and an experienced expert in the creation, development and management of a Private Practice.

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FREE Introductory Meeting

Need help getting started with mentoring but not sure where to begin? Reach out to Andrew today for a FREE Introductory meeting to discuss your goals, ideas, and see if Andrew can help you today.

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Business Consulting: $250/hour

After your initial meeting, you can book ongoing business consulting with Andrew if you are looking for ongoing professional insights or a life coach. Andrew’s experience and entrepreneurship will serve as a great resource for you on your journey. Please reach out via email at to set up your free consult and decide if Andrew is the right mentor for your professional path!

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How to Start a Thriving Practice Guide:  NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!

This resource is a comprehensive guide built by Andrew over the past 5 years to help you navigate the creation and growth of your own private practice. When he started in 2013, there were few resources to assist, and CSN was built mainly on trial and error paired with hundreds of hours of phone calls, meetings, research and outreach. It is a process to say the least! If you are looking for a true “cheat guide”, with the path forward made clear and clean, this is your opportunity. You will use this resource to get started, as well as in the continued management of any private practice for years to come. Key topics include:

  • Creating a Legal Business
  • Creating an Efficient Business System
  • Getting in Network and Billing Insurance
  • Contracting and Negotiation
  • Networking and Marketing
  • Professional Technique
  • Expanding Your Vision
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Embarking on your wellness journey has never been easier. With multiple Case Specific Nutrition® locations, a healthier lifestyle is right around the corner. Visit our Locations page to find the Case Specific Nutrition center nearest to you and step into a world of tailored health and wellness support!

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At Case Specific Nutrition®, we believe in providing personalized support every step of the way. Get in touch with our team today to get more information about our services, answer your specific health questions, or just say hello! Our friendly team is eager to hear from you.