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Power your potential with an in-depth nutrition plan to take your athletic performance to the next level.
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Why Case Specific Nutrition?

Fuel Your Potential

The four horsemen of performance: Training, Sleep, Hydration, Nutrition. Work with one of our seasoned Sports Dietitians to fine tune your intake to ensure you are maximizing recovery in training, and ready for peak performance on competition day. In your off season? Sounds like a great time to assess and optimize your body composition for sport. Get a 7pt Skinfold or BIA body composition assessment and work with our team to find the sweet spot in your training and programming. Both our Sports Dietitians and our Strength Coaches are at your disposal. Time to level up, let’s go!

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What does this include?

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Who's a Fit For CSN?

We Work With Anybody Who Is Ready For Change

Working with our team is a commitment to you. Making changes to your current habits takes persistence, resilience, and a series of goals that are capable of being achieved and maintained. Paying this much attention to habits surpasses a templated meal or exercise plan. You need individualized guidance on mindset, habits and strategies along the way. Whether you are looking to prevent diabetes and heart disease, develop new eating and exercise habits, overcome emotional eating, repair your relationship with food, overcome an eating disorder, lose weight, compete in your first bodybuilding competition, run your first marathon, improve your max lift at a power-lifting competition, or get the physical edge in your chosen sport, Case Specific Nutrition™ is here to help guide you. With our guidance and your growth mindset, we can help you reach your goals, and make sure you are living the life of the happiest and healthiest you!

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Insurance Rates

Insurance & Out-of-Pocket Rates

As healthcare evolves, insurance companies continue to see the benefit of nutrition education and Dietitian services.  80% of clients are covered in full or partially.  Not sure if you’re covered? Don’t worry, we’ll check for you. Contact us today for an estimate of what your insurance plan will cover. Many of our services are also flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) eligible.

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Find Your Location

Embarking on your wellness journey has never been easier. With multiple Case Specific Nutrition® locations, a healthier lifestyle is right around the corner. Visit our Locations page to find the Case Specific Nutrition center nearest to you and step into a world of tailored health and wellness support!

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At Case Specific Nutrition®, we believe in providing personalized support every step of the way. Get in touch with our team today to get more information about our services, answer your specific health questions, or just say hello! Our friendly team is eager to hear from you.