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The Optilife Academy Course

What Is The Optilife Academy Course?

The Optilife Academy is the first course of its kind! It is an online course built by professionals to help you work through your attention to eating and activity at your own pace. This online based, complete at your own pace, course offers education through video, written materials, action sheets and self awareness exercises. The goal of this course is to improve your overall health by offering unique insights on nutrition and a foundation of activity to keep you moving well and feeling energized. This course was co-created by Andrew Wade and two of his professional colleagues! This course serves as a permanent reference and resource to Andrew's insights on health and nutrition!

The Optilife Academy is more than a project with an end date. Use this course as a starting point, and its tools as methods to continue the pursuit of the happiest and healthiest you. The discussion of eating, exercise and mindset will force you to stop following templated advice, and start building the program that becomes your routine. Enough fads, it is time for Optilife Academy to help you start your own health journey.

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